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    via Fiuminale - 84030 Atena Lucana (SA)

    Tel: +39 0975 511132 - Fax: +39 0975 514274

    Mail: info@euroguaine.com

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    PVC Spiral Flexible Sheath Hoses

    specialized in electrical systems, coating gas pipes,

    exhaust air conditioning, cable wire, fiber protection, submersible pumps

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Electrical and telecomunication

PVC spiral hoses for external electrical installations, industrial machines, cable protection (optical fibers) for telecommunication installation.

Air conditioners and cooling

PVC sheath for condensate discharge air conditioners, for example exhaust vapors, and cooling installations.

Agriculture, constructions and industrial

PVC spiral hoses for security and isolation of carried gas pipes, agriculture and constructions in general (water application).


EuroGuaine uses only certified PVC compound for extrusion profiles for production, conforms to CEI 20-52, according to directive 2002/95 / EC (RoHS).

More details in our Technical Datasheet.


All products are available in rolls of standard 30, 50 or 25 linear meters or less in demand. Products are available with diameters (internal): 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 25, 30, 32, 38, 40, 50, 60.

More details in our Technical Datasheet.


All products are available in gray (RAL7035), white and yellow, generally used in electrical, air conditioning and gas installations. On request all other colors are available.

More details in our Technical Datasheet.
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High Quality


100% virgin PVC materials, non-toxic, non-smell. Soft and flexible. Anti-abrasion, anti-corrosion, anti-aging.

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Size, Colors and Packaging

Large availability of internal diameters (from 10 to 60), all colors available on demand.


Three different packaging lines:

Manual (with stretch film + string);
Stretch film for automatic wrapping;
With straps, four points.

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Competitive Prices

When price means everything but reliability cannot be renounced. Contact us!

Technical Datasheet


PVC Technical Data

  • Material
  • Plasticized PVC with rigid PVC spiral

  • Resistance to blazes
  • Auto extinguishable less than 30"-VO

  • Deflection
  • Superior to 350 N on 5 cm at 20°C

  • Resistance of Insulation
  • > 100 Mohm for 500 V exertion, for 1 minute

  • Dielectric Rigidity
  • >2000 V a 50 Hz for 15 minutes

  • Shock at cold (-5°C)
  • 2 joule

  • Bending
  • 5.000 flexions at 90°C alternating for 24 hours

  • Resistance to temperature
  • -24°C / +90°C


Diameter (external / internal)

  • 14,7 x 10

  • 16,4 x 12

  • 18,9 x 14

  • 20,7 x 16

  • 22,7 x 18

  • 24,7 x 20

  • 26,7 x 22

  • 30,6 x 25

  • 38,0 x 32

  • 46,4 x 40

  • 57,2 x 50

  • 68,0 x 60


Measure and Sizes

  • Standard packing coil in 30, 50, 25 linear meters
  • Other packing coil on demand.

    Three different packaging lines:

  • Manual (with stretch film + string);

  • Stretch film for automatic wrapping. Very appreciated by customers, as the skein remains intact until full swing;

  • With straps, 4 points.



  • Gray RAL 7035
  • for flexible thermoplastic conduit, with reinforced spiral, smooth inside wall, for electric use.

  • Yellow
  • for thermoplastic pliable and flexible sheatsfor protection and insulation of gas conduits.

  • White
  • for flexible PVC conduit for steam discharging in air conditioning and cooling installations.

  • Black or Others
  • for flexible PVC conduit for water application.

  • Green, Red, Blue, Violet or Others
  • for flexible PVC conduit for telecommunication and cable protection installations.

    All other colors available on demand.

Competitive Prices, High Quality & Reliable Deliveries

EuroGuaine produces sheath and spiral hoses of PVC with shock resistant rigid material and plastic material, with spiral reinforcement and smooth interior wall.

About EuroGuaine

A Performance History

An Italian production, with a production site located in Atena Lucana (SALERNO) in Italy.

A successful experience of over 20 years, with a family business specializing in the production of plastic tubes and spiral PVC hoses designed primarly for electricity professionals, telecommunication, public works and building.

A machine park at the cutting edge of technology with highly qualified staff, manufacturing 24/24 from Monday to Friday, with 5 extrusion lines.

A responsive and adaptable logistics.

A controlled growth, with more than half of the production exported in Europe and all over the world!

Competitive Prices
Customer satisfaction
Quality and Reliability

via Fiuminale - 84030 Atena Lucana (SA) Italy
Tel. +39 0975 511132, +39 0975 74425
Mail. info@euroguaine.com, chirme@vipnet.it

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Pubblicazione delle informazioni Art. 35 comma 1 del Decreto Legge 30 aprile 2019 n. 34 convertito in Legge 28 giugno 2019 n. 58 (s.m. e i.):

  • denominazione e codice fiscale del soggetto ricevente: Euroguaine di Chirichella Michele, CHRMHL62P08G793I
  • denominazione del soggetto erogante: Ministero dello Sviluppo Economico DIREZIONE GENERALE PER GLI INCENTIVI ALLE IMPRESE
  • somma incassata: € 10.000,00
  • data di incasso: 23/10/2020
  • Ai sensi del decreto del Ministro dello sviluppo economico 7 maggio 2019 pubblicato nella Gazzetta Ufficiale della Repubblica italiana del 1 luglio 2019, n. 152

Si rimanda al registro nazionale degli aiuti di Stato per gli aiuti di Stato e aiuti de minimis.

Pubblicazione delle informazioni

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    • Strumenti volti a favorire l'interazione avanzata uomo/macchina



25-11-2019 Partnership We are looking for new partners in countries where we are not yet present, with which to start exclusive partnership. Contact us to learn more!

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Orange PVC hoses

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Production of PVC spiral flexible hoses for electrical systems, coating gas pipes, exhaust air conditioning, cable wire, fiber protection, submersible pump.

via Fiuminale
84030 Atena Lucana (SA) Italy

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